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Thinking About Adult Braces?

7.28Do you want to enhance your smile, but think you’re too old for braces? Not so, reports the American Association of Orthodontists. Today one in five orthodontia patients are over age 18.

While it is easier to make changes in the structure of the mouth during in middle school or high school, orthodontists say that adult patients can also experience excellent results with braces.

Before making this decision, adults should know four important facts: View full article »

154091858Have you or your kids ever had anesthesia to cope with the pain and anxiety of a dental procedure? Many parents and guardians wonder whether anesthesia is safe for kids.

Understand the risks and benefits of anesthesia
According to the American Dental Association (ADA), several medications are available to help patients relax and stay comfortable during dental procedures. Some drugs control pain, while others put patients into a deep sleep.

The ADA encourages people to be proactive with decisions concerning their dental care, which includes understanding the risks and benefits involved in the recommended treatment, such as anesthesia. Parents or guardians should review recommended dental treatments for their children. View full article »

BoyDog99730611National Pet Dental Health Month

In the past, dog owners viewed their pets as important for warding off intruders or serving as playmates for children. Beyond providing for their dog’s sustenance and occasional medical needs, little attention was paid to their overall health. But today Americans view their dogs as extended members of their families, and they are recognizing the importance of taking good care of their dog’s teeth. View full article »

ChildMotherBrushingTeethRecognizing National Children’s Dental Health Month

Many parents wonder whether is it important to take care of your child’s first teeth, since they will fall out in early childhood. The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Healthy adult teeth begin with healthy teeth during childhood. That’s why starting infants off with good oral health can help protect their teeth for decades to come. View full article »

PregnantHealth_179751366 (2)Women who are pregnant receive a lot of information stressing the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly. However, they may not realize they also need to take good care of their teeth.

New clinical recommendations from the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) advise pregnant women to watch their oral health to avoid developing periodontal disease, which doctors believe may contribute to babies being born premature or at a low weight. View full article »

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