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pet dental careMany dog owners wonder whether they really need to brush their dog’s teeth. They may be concerned about the amount of time the task will require or be uncertain about what they need to do. Consider the following four tips for brushing your dog’s teeth, provided by petMD.


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BoyDog99730611National Pet Dental Health Month

In the past, dog owners viewed their pets as important for warding off intruders or serving as playmates for children. Beyond providing for their dog’s sustenance and occasional medical needs, little attention was paid to their overall health. But today Americans view their dogs as extended members of their families, and they are recognizing the importance of taking good care of their dog’s teeth. View full article »

PregnantHealth_179751366 (2)Women who are pregnant receive a lot of information stressing the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly. However, they may not realize they also need to take good care of their teeth.

New clinical recommendations from the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) advise pregnant women to watch their oral health to avoid developing periodontal disease, which doctors believe may contribute to babies being born premature or at a low weight. View full article »

Brush and Floss Daily During Pregnancy

brushing teeth when pregnantMost women recognize the importance of eating nutritious foods during pregnancy, but new research also reinforces the importance of maintaining good oral health.

Research recently reported by DrBicuspid.com found a link between periodontal disease and mothers with preterm births or low-birth-weight infants. According to WebMD, at least 50 to 70 percent of pregnant women experience hormonal changes that can increase their risk for oral health issues, such as gum inflammation (gingivitis) or gum disease (periodontitis). View full article »

Dental Health Linked to Dementia?

dental health and dementiaCould daily toothbrushing help lower the risk for dementia?

A study conducted by University of California researchers found that elderly women who brushed their teeth less than once daily were 65 percent more likely to develop dementia than those who brushed every day. For men, this number was 22 percent. View full article »

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