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GroceryShopDiverse114274236When shopping at the grocery store, do you stick to your list or are you easily swayed by displays promoting foods that may be quick to prepare but lack good nutrition?

Several recent research studies provide insight on how shoppers can avoid getting trapped by unhealthy purchase decisions at the grocery store.

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Dandelion168176829The next time you want to add leafy greens to your menu, try dandelion leaves. Although kale has become a popular green during the past decade as an addition to many soups, salads and entrees, nutritionists have discovered that dandelions actually are higher in vitamins and nutrients.

For centuries, the dandelion root has been used for medicinal purposes, but scientists state that the entire plant is edible. Most natural food stores carry a variety of products made from dandelions, including teas, capsules or tablets, tinctures and several herbal remedies. View full article »

Enjoy the Benefits of Lean Meats

healthy eatingDid you know that the average adult needs between 60 to 80 grams of protein each day (about three servings) to maintain a healthy body?

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), lean meats are the most complete source of protein. Other foods high in protein include eggs, cheese and legumes, such as soybeans, peas, beans and peanuts. View full article »

Seven Foods to Avoid for Better Health

Recognizing March as National Nutrition Month

nutritionNutritionists regularly encourage Americans to consume fresh foods grown locally and those labeled organic to obtain the most vitamins and nutrients, and pass up those containing additives and preservatives.

If you are wondering which foods to avoid, review the following information published in Prevention magazine. It covers seven foods that contain minimal nutrition or excessive toxins and chemicals, as well as healthier options. View full article »

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