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Will Health Insurance Premiums Increase in 2014?

health care reformWhen the Affordable Care Act launches in January 2014, how much will Americans pay for health insurance premiums?

Some media reports indicate that costs will rise significantly. Other sources claim premiums will be about the same, if not lower. View full article »

Why Businesses Should Keep Insurance Benefits

HC reformBusiness leaders and the news media have invested considerable time discussing health care reform and employee insurance benefits. Some speculate that once health care reform is fully integrated in 2014, most employers will drop employee insurance benefits and pay the fines the federal government will impose for not offering coverage, because the penalty will be less costly.

Here’s something new to consider: It may be smarter for employers not to drop health care insurance. An article published on twincities.com in July 2012 explores the costs associated with offering insurance benefits and the value of being considered an “employer of choice,” as compared to the savings of cutting benefits and expecting employees to pay more for health care plans. View full article »

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