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Tools to Make Your HR Job Easier

Overseeing employee recruitment and retention programs and coordinating benefits are challenging tasks for HR professionals. Fortunately, helpful information is available to lighten the load, such as videos and whitepapers provided by Ameritas. Engaging employees – Employers lose $11 billion each year due to employee turnover, reports Bloomberg BNA. And a study of American workers by … Read Full Article


4 Presidential Election Health Care Hot Topics

Most Americans believe issues related to the Affordable Care Act will affect their presidential choice later this year. According to, a Bankrate survey found 85 percent of respondents believe health care reform will play an important role in how they vote. Health care businesses also are evaluating the impact of the law and exploring … Read Full Article


4 Ways to Ensure Employee Benefits Meet Expectations

People define security in different ways. For some, it’s a warm house and a well-paying job. Others find security in a circle of friends and family members they trust. Many employers offer excellent employee benefits so employees feel secure in handling their health needs throughout the year. To ensure you get the coverage expected, review … Read Full Article

5 Ways to Reduce Health Care Costs

Many Americans are taking a more proactive role in their health care decisions. They are checking physician reviews and credentials, asking questions about procedures to understand treatment and recovery options, and comparing costs. Bills for health care services can be complex.

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3 Ways to Manage Benefits Costs

Next to having a great job with an excellent employer, a quality benefits package may help to sweeten a job offer. But benefits costs continually increase, causing many employers and employees to explore ways to keep expenses under control. Here are three ways to manage costs:

Saving Money

6 Habits to Avoid for Financial Wellness

For many people, bankruptcy is just one bad decision away, reports The Atlantic Monthly. Being financially successful is a goal to which many people aspire, but often do not reach. Research shows that worldwide financial literacy is a problem. In most countries, less than 50 percent of the population understands how to budget and handle … Read Full Article