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Protect Your Hearing at Work

186221101Can noise at work damage your hearing?

Absolutely, reports the United States Department of Labor. Over 30 million Americans are exposed to hazardous occupational noises every year. This emphasizes the importance of protecting your hearing while at work. View full article »

Fighting Hearing Loss

5.23Our world is getting louder. If hearing loss doesn’t impact you, it probably affects someone you know. Hearing is dependent on healthy hair cells in the inner ear that help convert sound vibrations into signals that travel along the auditory nerve to the brain. When cells are damaged, permanent hearing loss occurs. However, new research offers clues on how to regenerate hair cells and possibly cure hearing impairment. View full article »

Using Sound to See

86487634Can you imagine being able to see for the first time because of a smartphone app?

There is a new device that uses sounds or music to allow the blind, or those partially blind, to visualize and navigate their surroundings. This new technology now is accessible through an app on your smartphone.


Development of sensory devices
In recent years, two sensory substitution devices were developed to enhance sight with sounds. The device, vOICe, created by Dutch engineer Peter Meijer in 1992, uses an algorithm to convert simple grayscale images into musical sounds. In 2007, researchers at Hebrew University in Jerusalem used vOICe technology to develop EyeMusic which added color to sounds and shapes. View full article »

4.28pictureIf you wear hearing aids, music might sound different than it did before. When hearing loss occurs, depending on the degree of impairment, some frequencies of sound may be lost forever. But often, hearing aids can be adjusted to help people enjoy music again. View full article »


Many people experience hearing loss when inner ear hair cells are damaged as a result of illness, drugs or noise exposure. Fortunately, scientists are researching cures for hearing impairment and have made several interesting discoveries. View full article »

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