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DrinkingCoffee479704761Americans have strong opinions when it comes to coffee. Some like it black, while others take it with lots of cream and sugar. More than 54 percent of Americans ages 18 and older consume an average of three cups of coffee daily, reports Statistic Brain. Over the years, scientists have expressed concerns over coffee consumption, but new research demonstrates several health benefits. View full article »

TeensTennis96420271Do you have to remind your children to brush their teeth and eat healthy? Health professionals have discovered that young teenage athletes are more apt to eat better and brush their teeth than non-athletes. View full article »

166411685Exercising regularly and eating nutritious meals that are low in fats and sugars is a great way to stay healthy. Experts share advice on additional easy steps you can take to enhance your health. Here are six of 15 tips:




View full article »

5.26When you pick out your outfit for work, school or a party, do you think about the message you want to communicate? Do you select pieces of clothing in your favorite color? Or do you grab the first outfit you see in your closet? You may want to give your choice more thought. Color consultants report that your clothing choices communicate your personality and mood.


Everyday Health analyzed nine key colors and the messages they send: View full article »

fearsMany people have phobias (or fears) of things, such as spiders, heights or enclosed spaces. Recently Everyday Health identified 10 health-related phobias that make people freak out and, unfortunately, may keep them from getting the medical and dental care they need to stay healthy. View full article »

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