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fearsMany people have phobias (or fears) of things, such as spiders, heights or enclosed spaces. Recently Everyday Health identified 10 health-related phobias that make people freak out and, unfortunately, may keep them from getting the medical and dental care they need to stay healthy. View full article »



We all experience pain from headaches and sore muscles, to cuts and sunburns. What are the best remedies for these ailments? Recently U.S. News & World Report provided lists of pharmacist-recommended products to help people deal with their various aches and pains. View full article »

Mother or grandmother preparing strawberries with daughter or granddaughterMost people know someone with diabetes. Currently 25.8 million Americans (8.3 percent) have been diagnosed with the disease. Scientists continually search for solutions to provide effective treatment and prevention. Recently they discovered that consumption of flavonoids, found in berries, tea, chocolate, and other herbs and vegetables, may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. View full article »

181217645There is nothing like a friendly greeting from the family pet to make you feel like a million bucks.  Although pets require an investment of time and money, new research demonstrates that the health benefits received in return are worth it. Everyday Health recently published a list of six ways pets enhance our lives.

Americans dote on their pets
Americans love their pets. Approximately 65 percent of households have a pet and spend more than $35 billion caring and feeding them. Although pets provide significant companionship and unconditional love, researchers have discovered another important benefit – pets are good for our health. View full article »

CoupleWatchingTV78815038Many people adopt lifestyle habits that they think are healthy, but in reality those habits may not provide the expected health value. Review the following list of daily health habits that may be bad for you, as compiled by medical professionals in England.



View full article »

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