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healthy teeth

6 Things to Avoid for Healthy Teeth

Your smile can give a wonderful first impression. That’s why it’s important to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Review six things that can ruin your smile, as provided by Health. 1. Tobacco – Smoking cigarettes can yellow teeth, experts report. Tar from tobacco products leaves a sticky film on teeth that can collect bacteria, … Read Full Article

signs of illness

6 Silent Signs of Illness

Life is busy, and it’s easy to ignore the signs of illness your body sends. There are subtle clues, such as snoring and handwriting changes, that can signal changes in your health. Review six silent signs as featured in Reader’s Digest: 1. Handwriting – Changes in writing style can be an early sign of Parkinson’s disease. … Read Full Article

wellness privacy

4 Questions About Wellness Privacy

The wellness industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, reports IBISWorld. By 2020, wellness should be a $12 billion industry as new programs, partnerships and smartphone apps are introduced to help Americans be healthier. While many people are interested in participating in wellness programs, they also are concerned about the privacy of their personal information. Review four … Read Full Article

healthy habits

4 Ways to be Healthier in 30 Minutes

Americans are notorious for packing each day with more activities than they can accomplish. It’s not surprising that as we fall into bed, we feel tired and run down and realize we didn’t have any “me” time. Get out of the rut by following these four healthy habits that can take less than 30 minutes of your … Read Full Article

healthy food

5 Facts About Healthy Brown Fat

Not all fat is the same. People have white fat, which stores excess calories, and brown fat, which is designed to burn calories and produce heat. Learn five facts about brown fat as featured in Reader’s Digest: 1. Location in the body – White fat is stored throughout the body, but brown fat usually is found in small … Read Full Article

Green Smoothie

Putting on the Greens: Healthy Choices for St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re planning a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, a meal featuring green eggs and ham or traditional corned beef hash and cabbage may be on the menu. However, friends and family may like some healthier options, too. Consider healthy green meal choices (along with the recipes) featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.       … Read Full Article

happy and healthy

6 Tips for a Healthier Workforce

For over 20 years, employers have provided a variety of wellness programs encouraging employees to follow healthier lifestyles. Employees often are excited about the opportunities to engage in health and fitness programs. However, others may be concerned about the privacy of personal information and feel pressure to participate. Review six tips on how employers can create … Read Full Article


Health Problems Visible to Your Dentist

You know that good oral health requires regular dental appointments for checkups and professional cleanings each year. But you may not know that during the exam your dentist may see signs of diseases, neglect and lifestyle habits. Review seven of the 12 health tips featured in Prevention magazine: Acid damage – Etched enamel on the … Read Full Article


7 Health Benefits of Raw Honey

For thousands of years, people around the world have considered raw honey to be the nectar of the gods. They believed consuming honey would provide instant immortality. Today, people use honey to sweeten foods and beverages, or as a natural healing agent. Review seven health benefits of honey offered by Medical Daily. Dandruff treatment – … Read Full Article