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5 Ways Technology is Changing Medical Care

Technology continually is changing the world as we know it. Over the years, new technology has made our daily activities easier. It’s also been incorporated into diagnostic tools to help identify medical issues quickly. For example, consider five ways technology is improving medical care:

7 Healthy Foods Experts Recommend

Health and nutrition professionals regularly provide advice on unhealthy foods and beverages people enjoy, but should avoid. Wondering what health and nutrition experts purchase at the grocery store? Review this list of seven vitamin-packed foods they eat regularly:

4 Tips for Healthy Exercise

Strenuous exercise may not be healthy for your heart. The American Heart Association reports new research, showing that exercising vigorously every day may be too much of a good thing. Learn more about this report:

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Importance of Scheduling Regular Dental Visits

After brushing and flossing your teeth, you look in the mirror to inspect your pearly whites. They look clean, but are they? Particles of foods and clumps of sugar from beverages may be hiding in areas you can’t see or reach. If not removed, food particles and sugars may combine with oral bacteria to form … Read Full Article


Athletes: Chocolate Milk vs. Sports Drinks

Many people think chocolate milk is just for kids. But health experts say chocolate milk is an excellent recovery drink for adults after exhausting workouts. For years, athletes have consumed sports drinks after exercising to recharge their bodies. But chocolate milk is emerging as the preferred drink due to the high amount of protein and … Read Full Article

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5 Facts About Heart Cancer

Heart cancer, called rhabdomyosarcoma, develops in the soft tissues of the heart. The good news is medical professionals believe heart cancer is rare, affecting less than 0.1 percent of the population. However, it doesn’t hurt to know these five facts:


Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon, one of the oldest spices in the world, still is popular for cooking and many health remedies. First discovered in 2000 BC, cinnamon comes from wild trees called cinnamomum, primarily grown in warm and humid climates of the Caribbean, South America and Southeast Asia.

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7 Ways to Enjoy a Healthy Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue. On Valentine’s Day, be a healthy you. Valentine’s Day often is associated with sharing candy, sweet snacks and rich desserts with others. Annually, more than 58 million pounds of chocolate are purchased during Valentine’s week. And while people enjoy these treats, there are many other healthy ways to celebrate … Read Full Article

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Dental Exams Provide Clues to Your Overall Health

Your mouth holds many clues to your health. During exams, your dentist not only examines your teeth and gums, but looks for signs of potential health problems. Here’s a list of five issues that can be detected:


Walking for Improved Fitness

Walking is touted as an exercise that fits any budget and meets a range of physical and fitness goals. But people often wonder how many steps they should take each day. The number will vary depending on what your health issues are and the physical objectives you want to achieve.   Engaging in regular exercise … Read Full Article