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Health Problems Visible to Your Dentist

You know that good oral health requires regular dental appointments for checkups and professional cleanings each year. But you may not know that during the exam your dentist may see signs of diseases, neglect and lifestyle habits. Review seven of the 12 health tips featured in Prevention magazine: Acid damage – Etched enamel on the … Read Full Article


7 Health Benefits of Raw Honey

For thousands of years, people around the world have considered raw honey to be the nectar of the gods. They believed consuming honey would provide instant immortality. Today, people use honey to sweeten foods and beverages, or as a natural healing agent. Review seven health benefits of honey offered by Medical Daily. Dandruff treatment – … Read Full Article


4 Ways to Pack a Healthy Lunch

Packing a healthy lunch for school or work can be challenging. Meal choices may be limited if foods must be kept heated or chilled. Avoid getting bored with your lunch by jazzing up the contents. Here are four ways to pack a healthy and appetizing lunch: Add a dip – Enhance the appeal of fruits … Read Full Article

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4 Ways Kids Develop Healthy Bones

Strong muscles help children develop healthier bones, researchers report. Since bones are living tissue, children need to participate in weight-bearing activities and physical exercise. Consider these four ways kids can develop healthy bones:   Participate in weight-bearing activities – During teenage years, the lifetime bone mass of a person is reached. The greatest gain is … Read Full Article

6 Ways Pumpkin Can Benefit Your Health

As summer ends and the fall season takes over, pumpkin foods and beverages seem to emerge from the shelves and menus at stores and restaurants. Many people are suspicious that pumpkin products are just another marketing trend. However, pumpkin is considered a superfood, rich in nutrients and vitamins. Here are six ways consuming pumpkin can benefit … Read Full Article

5 Ways to Reduce Health Care Costs

Many Americans are taking a more proactive role in their health care decisions. They are checking physician reviews and credentials, asking questions about procedures to understand treatment and recovery options, and comparing costs. Bills for health care services can be complex.

5 Ways Technology is Changing Medical Care

Technology continually is changing the world as we know it. Over the years, new technology has made our daily activities easier. It’s also been incorporated into diagnostic tools to help identify medical issues quickly. For example, consider five ways technology is improving medical care:

7 Healthy Foods Experts Recommend

Health and nutrition professionals regularly provide advice on unhealthy foods and beverages people enjoy, but should avoid. Wondering what health and nutrition experts purchase at the grocery store? Review this list of seven vitamin-packed foods they eat regularly:

4 Tips for Healthy Exercise

Strenuous exercise may not be healthy for your heart. The American Heart Association reports new research, showing that exercising vigorously every day may be too much of a good thing. Learn more about this report: