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Reading177502007Cataracts used to be considered a health problem that affected older people, but now doctors are diagnosing younger Americans in their 40s and 50s. Fortunately, scientists have discovered new clues to help them understand how cataracts form, which could lead to new treatment solutions.

Understanding Cataracts
Medical professionals describe cataracts as a clouding of the eye’s lens, and it’s considered a normal part of aging. It’s considered the primary cause of blindness worldwide. View full article »

Eye DoctorMany people schedule regular exams to have their vision checked, but may wonder if it’s necessary to have a comprehensive exam that includes dilation of both eyes.

Many eye diseases do not have warning signs and a dilated eye exam is necessary in order to detect them at an early stage. If signs of disease are discovered, the eye doctor will set up a treatment plan to slow or prevent the progression of the disease and help you maintain healthy vision. View full article »

Do you have to squint to see objects far away? Or hold items at arm’s length in order to read small print? Medical professionals report that orthokeratology technology may help improve these vision problems.

Eye doctors have used orthokeratology, also known as ortho-k or OK, for many years, but new studies confirm its effectiveness in improving vision. View full article »

Treating Adult Skin and Eye Rashes

Rashes — we’ve all had them. They are annoying, painful and itchy.

Sometimes rashes occur with an illness, infection, insect bite, a drug reaction to a drug, stress, an encounter with a poisonous plant or an allergy to a product, causing hives and swelling of the skin. View full article »

Four Reasons to Protect Kids’ Eyes from the Sun

Child's vision


Is it important for children and teens to wear protective sunglasses when spending time outdoors?

Yes, reports the Children’s Vision Coalition, and here are four key reasons why:


View full article »

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