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5 Things to Know About Medical Benefits with Dental and Vision Coverage

Two-for-one promotions sound like good deals, but often one item is good and the second doesn’t quite match up to expectations. This analogy could be used when referring to health insurance benefit offers promoting medical insurance combined with dental and vision coverage. To ensure the option will provide the insurance coverage to meet your needs and … Read Full Article

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6 Eye Care Tips

Many people make decisions based on information and myths heard while growing up. For instance, did you know the sun is bad for your eyes? Or that eating carrots won’t improve your vision? Review these six eye care tips:

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Are Comprehensive Eye Exams Necessary?

Many people schedule regular exams to have their vision checked, but may wonder if it’s necessary to have a comprehensive exam that includes dilation of both eyes.


Wearing Contact Lenses Overnight May Improve Vision

Do you have to squint to see objects far away? Or hold items at arm’s length in order to read small print? Medical professionals report that orthokeratology technology may help improve these vision problems.


Treating Adult Skin and Eye Rashes

Rashes — we’ve all had them. They are annoying, painful and itchy. Sometimes rashes occur with an illness, infection, insect bite, a drug reaction to a drug, stress, an encounter with a poisonous plant or an allergy to a product, causing hives and swelling of the skin.