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Adapted from an article written by Brent Jackson, Ameritas Group, published in Health Insurance Underwriter, July 2012

BusinessAssociations, affinity groups or employers with multiple sites often have complex benefit needs, requiring creativity in finding the right mix of plans with a range of attractive product options. In national surveys, employees have indicated their preference for benefit packages that include dental and vision plans. Frequently employees do not have specific dental or vision needs, but they want the benefits for their dependent family members.

There are many dental and vision plans offered by different insurance carriers. The options can be confusing. Here are several tips for finding the right plans: View full article »

Business settingOver the past few years, producers and insurance companies have made many adjustments to respond to industry changes and continually consider new solutions to maintain their business. The following is an excerpt from an article printed in Health Insurance Underwriter magazine. Robert Lieblein, nationally recognized consultant for employee benefit firms, and Karen Gustin of Ameritas Group, offer advice on how producers can develop and apply strategic business solutions to survive in the midst of change. View full article »

Understanding ERISA and PPACA Regulations

complianceMaintaining compliance with health care reform directions

Being in compliance with regulations for employee benefits is a topic that weighs heavy on the minds of business leaders. The idea of a lawsuit for failing to meet regulations is of major concern. There are many rules that businesses must follow. And now that the United States Supreme Court has upheld all of the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (health care reform), there are new regulations that must be followed. View full article »

The Value of a Trusted Insurance Carrier During an M&A

woman at deskBusinesses considering a merger or acquisition (M&A) invest hundreds of hours reviewing the partnership opportunity. Often these potential deals must be consummated within several months of the initial discussion. According to national business experts, issues and problems often arise with employee benefits, which, if not addressed correctly, can cause an M&A to fall apart.

The M&A evaluation process can be streamlined by working with a trusted insurance carrier experienced in these types of deals, so they can conduct a comprehensive review of the benefits offered by both organizations. Consider four projects the carrier should handle: View full article »

business meetingPart two in a series of four discussions on benefit issues and opportunities during an M&A

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be great opportunities for businesses to reduce costs and enhance profits through collaboration, synergy of services and operations, strategic alliances and increased market leverage.


When researching the viability of an M&A, do not overlook differences in employee benefits. Disparities in insurance plans and other benefit perks may become stumbling blocks or deal breakers for companies contemplating a major change in structure or ownership. View full article »

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