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4 Ways Benefits Help Employee Retention

Most employers have a powerful asset for employee retention, but few use it effectively. It’s their employee benefits plans. On average, employers lose 20 to 50 percent of employees annually, reports Bain & Company. While there are many factors that influence employees’ decisions to change jobs, an excellent benefits package can impact their decision to … Read Full Article


5 Ways Brokers Can Enhance Benefits Communication

American employers spend billions on employee benefits each year, with the goal of taking care of their employees. Brokers develop special relationships with employers, helping them provide advice on benefits and coverage options. This valuable service helps employers keep workers engaged and satisfied. According to Benz Communications, employees who are very satisfied with their health … Read Full Article

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3 Ways Employers Can Simplify Benefits Communication

Employees are more likely to enroll in benefits plans if they understand their coverage choices, according to a survey featured in Employee Benefit News. Interestingly, only 33 percent said benefits information was easy to understand. To keep employees engaged with their benefits, and their jobs, employers can simplify benefits communication in three ways: Strategic plan … Read Full Article


3 Ways to Communicate the Value of Employee Benefits

Private sector businesses spend 31 percent of employee compensation budgets on benefits. However, many employees don’t appreciate or understand the value of the benefits plans provided. They believe compensation and benefits cost much less than the actual investment. Interestingly, many employees look at the quality of benefits when considering whether to stay with their current … Read Full Article


5 Ways Employers Can Save Money With Employee Benefits

When selecting employee benefits plans, many employers leave money on the table. Benefits coverage chosen may not meet employees’ needs or provide projected cost savings. Here are five ways to get the most from your benefits: 1. Identify benefits employees want – Take time to understand employees’ benefits needs. Gather feedback through conversations and employee … Read Full Article

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4 Ways Employee Benefits Create Security for Employers

Employee benefits plans do a lot more than provide insurance coverage. They offer security for employers and support efforts to recruit and retain engaged workers. Explore four valuable contributions benefits can make to your business. Attract new talent – Top job applicants look for positions with employers that offer quality benefits plans for their families’ … Read Full Article


4 Ways to Ensure Employee Benefits Meet Expectations

People define security in different ways. For some, it’s a warm house and a well-paying job. Others find security in a circle of friends and family members they trust. Many employers offer excellent employee benefits so employees feel secure in handling their health needs throughout the year. To ensure you get the coverage expected, review … Read Full Article


3 Employee Benefits Trends for 2016

Employees want to be involved in their benefits choices. The trend is called consumerism, and it’s evidenced by the increased number of Americans embracing the opportunity to get involved in making decisions regarding their health care. With a focus on becoming educated consumers, employees are asking questions of medical providers to understand procedures and services, … Read Full Article