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Benefits Provide Opportunities to Engage Employees

Employers rely on dedicated employees to keep them in business. To be engaged, employees need to feel valued, cared for and satisfied on multiple levels. Employers should focus on supporting employees’ well-being, including their physical, financial, social, personal and family needs. Comprehensive Coverage The most effective benefits are ones that fit employees’ needs. A comprehensive benefits … Read Full Article

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Rewarding Healthy Employees

How employees feel about their jobs, employers, and their relationships with family and friends, affects their performance at work, researchers report. Employers who focus on employee well-being, by providing benefits designed to help workers maintain good health and take care of personal needs, are more successful. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that … Read Full Article

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Tips for Choosing Family Dental and Vision Benefits

When you purchase a new appliance, you probably spend time evaluating the choices, soliciting advice from family and friends and comparing price options before making the final decision. Choosing benefits can be a similar experience. Medical insurance options can be complicated, but dental and vision benefits are less complex. However, before picking a plan, you … Read Full Article

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Benefits Impact Employee Performance and Productivity

You can increase employee productivity by creating a work environment that provides challenging responsibilities and assistance with health and personal needs. Many work cultures are infused with high pressure and demands. This causes employees to become stressed as they strive to meet expectations. However, focusing on employee well-being is one way employers can encourage performance … Read Full Article


4 Ways Benefits Help Employee Retention

Most employers have a powerful asset for employee retention, but few use it effectively. It’s their employee benefits plans. On average, employers lose 20 to 50 percent of employees annually, reports Bain & Company. While there are many factors that influence employees’ decisions to change jobs, an excellent benefits package can impact their decision to … Read Full Article