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Dry Eyes or Mouth May Signal Sjögren’s Syndrome

Symptoms of dry eyes or a dry throat are often attributed to medications or allergies, but they also may be related to Sjögren’s syndrome, an immune system disorder. View full article »

10 Warning Signs of Vision Problems

eye issuesMany people believe that vision problems occur mostly as you age. Although older individuals are at increased risk for several eye diseases, vision problems can occur at any age.

It is important to know the symptoms of potential vision problems to avoid permanent vision loss. Review this list of 10 warning signs: View full article »

Are You at Risk for an Eye Infection?


If you’ve experienced red, itchy eyes, you may have wondered whether it’s a symptom of allergies or dry eyes or a more serious condition, such as an eye infection.  Here is an overview of the symptoms associated with both types of ailments.

View full article »

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