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KidsSoccer153274168Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a serious health concern affecting Americans of all ages. Medical professionals describe it as a disease of the heart, causing the muscles to thicken and not pump blood efficiently through the body. Through new research efforts, scientists have discovered key risk factors to help determine children who may be at risk for this fatal heart disease. View full article »

allergiesMany American kids live with food allergy issues. Now they can access a smartphone app or online game that can help them cope with their experiences and teach them about food allergies.

Approximately 1 in every 13 children in the United States has food allergies. Do you know which foods cause 90 percent of kids’ allergic reactions? They are peanuts, tree nuts, shell fish, fish, milk, soy, eggs or wheat.

Sometimes kids struggle to understand why they cannot eat certain foods, and parents and health professionals find it difficult to teach them about their allergies. Two interactive tools make the job easier: View full article »

SleepingInClass177434643(1)Approximately 8,000 American teens aged 14 and 15 suffer pedestrian accident-related injuries each year. Researcher s at the University of Alabama at Birmingham wondered whether sleep deprivation could be at the root of the problem.

In a virtual-reality setting in the university’s Youth Safety Lab, the scientists simulated a pedestrian street-crossing situation. Then they evaluated the behaviors of teens crossing the street based on the number of hours of sleep they had the night before. The teens were allowed either 4 hours or 8 ½ hours of sleep. View full article »

TeenageBoys122408072When sharing health information with young people, should the messages be positive or negative?

Researchers at University College London, England, recently studied this question. For years, advertisements on harmful health habits have focused on the negative aspect of risky health behaviors, including smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, texting while driving or unsafe sex. Many messages have shown the health danger graphically, such as with pictures of a car crash or diseased lungs on packages of cigarettes. Despite these efforts, health professionals have noted minimal improvements in young people’s decisions to engage in dangerous activities. View full article »

200245424-001Many businesses are classified as “employers of choice” because they take good care of their customers and employees. They researched health care plans and provided choices that fit employees’ needs. In that scenario, employees needed only to review plan summaries and check boxes on their insurance enrollment forms. View full article »

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