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TeensTennis96420271Do you have to remind your children to brush their teeth and eat healthy? Health professionals have discovered that young teenage athletes are more apt to eat better and brush their teeth than non-athletes. View full article »

166411685Exercising regularly and eating nutritious meals that are low in fats and sugars is a great way to stay healthy. Experts share advice on additional easy steps you can take to enhance your health. Here are six of 15 tips:




View full article »

HappyMan466001929Imagine being rewarded for taking care of your teeth! That’s the idea behind incentive programs that may be available through your dental insurance carrier.

Benefit surveys show that people with dental insurance value their coverage and tend to use their benefits. They are more likely to schedule a yearly checkup with a dental professional to evaluate the health of their teeth and gums, and develop a treatment plan to address concerns as necessary. These efforts can pay off for you in many different ways. View full article »

GirlWaterFountainAfter consuming a meal, should you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth? For years, dental professionals have advised patients to brush their teeth at least twice daily immediately after meals. But new research is challenging dentists to reconsider this traditional advice. View full article »

PatientDoctor151338884Did you know that an abscessed tooth left untreated can lead to other medical problems?

Many Americans put off visiting the dentist until they experience significant oral pain. Dental problems develop when people do not brush and floss their teeth daily or schedule regular appointments for dental checkups and cleanings. Bacterial plaque in the mouth adheres to the teeth and over time create cavities. If left untreated, an abscess can form. View full article »

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