Affordable Care Act


Large Employers Prepare for Upcoming ACA Changes

For the past few years, large employers have been anticipating significant benefit changes as part of the Affordable Care Act. Due to several delays in the implementation of regulations, many large employers now are focusing on other employee issues. They plan to accommodate ACA benefit adjustments as needed. Here are three things large employers should … Read Full Article

stand-alone dental

Stand-Alone Dental is Still the Best Option

There has been a lot of talk about dental insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) the past few years. You have probably heard about dental insurance offered through medical insurance plans. But there are a few things you should know if you’re considering a combined plan vs. stand-alone dental:      

stand-alone dental

3 Reasons to Select a Stand-Alone Dental Benefit Plan

Do dental benefits in a medical insurance plan provide the same coverage as a stand-alone dental plan? Probably not. Here are three reasons to select stand-alone dental coverage. Unexpected costs – The Affordable Care Act has focused attention on medical benefits with new requirements and compliance standards. It’s causing employers and consumers to think more … Read Full Article

Mom Child Brushing Teeth

5 Things Parents Should Know About Pediatric Dental Benefits

It’s an alarming statistic: Children in the United States lose over 51 million school hours each year due to dental pain and illness. In these situations, children struggle to focus on their school work, finding it hard to listen and learn in class. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Pediatric dental insurance benefits … Read Full Article

pharmacies and doctors

Trends in Patient Care

Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was implemented, many changes have occurred in how health care is delivered. Two recent changes are the introduction of pharmacists in the emergency room at many hospitals and national retail stores offering minor medical care services. Pharmacists in the ER Hospitals are adding pharmacists in the emergency room to … Read Full Article

pediatric dental

Pediatric Dental Plan Options

Did you know that pediatric dental in a medical plan is not the same as pediatric dental in a stand-alone dental plan? In March 2011, the American Dental Association determined that 10 million children ages 2 through 18 did not have dental coverage. Health professionals projected that parents and caregivers of many of these children … Read Full Article


ACA Compliance

The ACA regulations for health care benefits are causing insurers and employers to take a closer look at their benefit plans. No one wants to be out of compliance. The good news is that most regulations don’t apply to stand-alone dental plans.


Primary Care Shortages

Health experts estimate that current medical training programs will produce 40 percent fewer primary care physicians than are needed to assist with aging baby boomers and health care expansion under the Affordable Care Act.