Affordable Care Act

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Pediatric Dental Plan Options

Did you know that pediatric dental in a medical plan is not the same as pediatric dental in a stand-alone dental plan? In March 2011, the American Dental Association determined that 10 million children ages 2 through 18 did not have dental coverage. Health professionals projected that parents and caregivers of many of these children … Read Full Article


ACA Compliance

The ACA regulations for health care benefits are causing insurers and employers to take a closer look at their benefit plans. No one wants to be out of compliance. The good news is that most regulations don’t apply to stand-alone dental plans.


Primary Care Shortages

Health experts estimate that current medical training programs will produce 40 percent fewer primary care physicians than are needed to assist with aging baby boomers and health care expansion under the Affordable Care Act.

Dental and Vision Plans for Your Needs

You and your family need flexible dental and vision coverage that can be tailored to your needs. Benefit surveys show that people who have dental and vision coverage are likely to schedule regular checkups and exams so doctors can evaluate the health of their teeth and eyes.


Tips for Small Businesses Offering Dental Insurance

Many small business owners want to take good care of their employees, by providing insurance benefits that will meet their needs. But they struggle with benefit decisions, including selecting the right plan, balancing costs and understanding purchase options within the Affordable Care Act (ACA).