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79074000Many Americans schedule dental appointments for cleanings and checkups once or twice yearly, but for others it may not be that often. Frequently, people go without regular dental care because they don’t have dental insurance and believe they don’t have the funds to cover the cost. In most communities, there are several options available for affordable dental care. View full article »

141733415If you need to find a new primary care physician, how do you determine which doctor’s office to contact? Historically, most people have relied on recommendations of friends and medical providers, but with the growth of the Internet, many consumers are checking online reviews of physicians.

According to a survey reported in Medical Economics, nearly 20 percent of people looking for a new primary physician considered online reviews of doctors as very important, while 40 percent said they were somewhat important. At least 35 percent indicated they selected a physician based on good ratings, while 27 percent reported avoiding physicians who were rated poorly. Conversely, about 43 percent of individuals believe online physician ratings are not reliable. View full article »

86489964Some surprises are pleasant, like finding a $20 dollar bill. But when it comes to things we value and count on, such as dental insurance, most of us don’t like surprises. No one wants to visit the dentist, only to find out later the services are not covered by their insurance plan. Here are numbers six through 10 of our tips for evaluating dental plan and coverage options to help you avoid surprises with your benefits. Review Part 1 for the first five tips. View full article »


Choosing a dental plan can be confusing. Plans may look similar, but in reality each one is designed differently. This blog features five of 10 tips for evaluating dental plan and coverage options to help you avoid surprises with your benefits. Be sure to read Part 2 for the remaining five tips.


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Many people experience hearing loss when inner ear hair cells are damaged as a result of illness, drugs or noise exposure. Fortunately, scientists are researching cures for hearing impairment and have made several interesting discoveries. View full article »

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