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Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

sensitive teethHave you ever eaten ice cream or hot soup and felt a sharp pain in your teeth? This may be a sign of sensitive teeth. There are many reasons why your teeth may react to extreme temperatures or pressure, such as biting down on something hard. Thankfully, there are several solutions to help you deal with this problem. View full article »

ChildrenLearning57565246What your kids eat affects how they learn. For the first 12 years of life, about 80 percent of what children learn is presented to them visually. And as children learn, their brains grow. Food is one of many factors that affect how children develop healthy minds.



WebMD identifies 10 important brain foods: View full article »

Primary Care Shortages

DoctorsHospitalEach year American taxpayers provide $13 million in subsidies to hospitals that train our country’s future health professionals. But despite this investment, the American Association of Medical Colleges predicts a shortage of 45,000 primary care physicians by 2020. About 1 in 5 Americans live in an area in the country where the government predicts there will be a primary care shortage.

According to an article published in The Society of Hospital Medicine, the majority of medical students focus on specialty areas within the health care system with fewer dedicated to general medicine: View full article »

TeensTennis96420271Do you have to remind your children to brush their teeth and eat healthy? Health professionals have discovered that young teenage athletes are more apt to eat better and brush their teeth than non-athletes. View full article »

Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

AgeTwentyCouple482124119Historically, many dentists have automatically extracted wisdom teeth as soon as they emerge. But now dental professionals believe that sometimes there is greater wisdom in allowing people to keep these third molars until oral problems occur. View full article »

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