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ChildInPain78160007A canker sore starts as a small, nagging pain inside your mouth. At first you may try to ignore it, but quickly realize that it just isn’t going away. What’s the fastest way to get relief and heal the sore? Consider solutions provided by the editors of Consumer Guide. View full article »

Smartphone487857737Is your smartphone keeping you awake at night? The National Sleep Foundation reports at least 40 percent of Americans are losing sleep because they’re using their smartphones in the evening for work.  View full article »

FatherSonGarden459411903Do you enjoy gardening? Many do. People are captivated by the experiences of preparing and working the soil, and watching tiny seeds create spectacular blooms or delicious produce. Frequently they find unexpected blessings along the way, such as the opportunity to commune with nature, which can help them escape their busy lives and reduce stress. View full article »

Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

sensitive teethHave you ever eaten ice cream or hot soup and felt a sharp pain in your teeth? This may be a sign of sensitive teeth. There are many reasons why your teeth may react to extreme temperatures or pressure, such as biting down on something hard. Thankfully, there are several solutions to help you deal with this problem. View full article »

ChildrenLearning57565246What your kids eat affects how they learn. For the first 12 years of life, about 80 percent of what children learn is presented to them visually. And as children learn, their brains grow. Food is one of many factors that affect how children develop healthy minds.



WebMD identifies 10 important brain foods: View full article »

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