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Can a Cold Affect Your Hearing?

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Have you ever experienced a cold with heavy congestion, affecting your ability to breathe, blow your nose, swallow or even hear normally?

Colds are often caused by rhinoviruses – invisible droplets in the air we breathe or on things we touch. Scientists have discovered that there are more than 105 different types of rhinoviruses that can attack your immune system and make you sick.

Sometimes a cold virus causes a buildup of fluid in the middle ear, making it difficult for sounds to travel efficiently from the outer ear to the eardrum. Individuals may notice a clicking sound in their ear, or that conversations and noises are muffled. The congestion may also lead to an ear infection, caused by bacteria or a virus in the middle ear, and lead to temporary hearing loss. The fluid, which may stay in the middle ear for weeks or even months, usually goes away independently, or medications may be prescribed to assist with the healing. Once it is gone, your hearing should return to normal.

Medical professionals advise individuals with a cold to get plenty of rest, avoid vigorous exercise, drink lots of fluids and stay away from others to prevent spreading germs.

A cold may develop into a more serious illness. Contact your physician if these symptoms occur:

  • Coughing up large amounts of mucus
  • Shortness of breath
  • Frequent dizziness
  • Inability to keep down fluids or foods
  • Facial pain, throbbing headache, or a painful sore throat that interferes with swallowing
  • Unusual tiredness
  • Fever of 101 degrees or higher lasting more than one day
  • Chest or stomach pain
  • Swollen glands in the neck
  • Earache

When you have a cold virus, do you experience hearing problems? How many days does your cold typically last?

  • Anonymous ,

    I have had hearing [issues] for two days due to my cold, and ears sometimes start to make pounding noises

    • Emily ,

      I have had hearing issues in my left ear for four days since I got a cold. My ear is pounding, and sometimes sharp pains go through it. Why?

      • Cameron ,

        I have had a cold for a couple weeks and my hearing started to decline about a week ago. I can hardly hear a thing and the only thing I can hear is clicking and a constant high pitch noise…

        • Ameritas Insight ,

          Colds do tend to affect our hearing in odd ways. Usually, when the cold runs its course, the other symptoms go away as well.

          • Dalia ,

            Uugh, I’ ve had a sore throat and stuffy nose lately . . . Such torture 🙁

            • Sam ,

              My ears echo and have slight pressure in them. It’s so annoying, they also keep making pounding sounds. On top of that, my hearing has gone down quit a bit.

              • mayur ,

                Is cold can affet my earing.i have being listing to tune in my ear for more than one week is this the reason because of cold .and please tell me the preventive measures

                • Ameritas Insight ,

                  Colds can affect your hearing. You may want to talk to your doctor about solutions or treatments.

                  • Kevin ,

                    i have a sudden hearing loss on my left ear. i have been listening to loud music with my earphone for a week and i also have cold for almost 2 week. what should i do? I’m hearing ringing sound and now experience pain.

                    • Ameritas Insight ,


                      If you’d like a professional diagnosis, we’d recommend seeing an audiologist. Audiologists diagnose and treat hearing problems. Hope you start to feel better.

                      • edwin tamplanza ,

                        Almost 2 months shortness of breath due to cold affecting my hearing prodlem

                        • shaan ,

                          High pitch sound / tune in ear is tinnitus which is very serious, since there are hardly any medicines to cure them. I’ve been hearing this sound since last 3 years. It happened quite a few times in my childhood that my hearing got affected due to cold, but it always returned to normal in say a fortnight or 3 weeks. But this time i had a perforated ear drum caused to a cracker explosion in my hand. The audiogram reported 30% loss of hearing in my right ear, while the shrill sound of tinnitus continued to reduce the efficiency of my brain. I visited an ENT specialistm he referred me to take in Neurokind Forte and then visit him after 6 months. In my 2nd visit after 6 months the 2nd audiogram showed only 5% improvement, so he changed the medicine and suggested me to have Neurokind Next and visit him after 1 year. According to the doctor the immunity of my body was so low that it couldn’t get the ruptured ear drum back into shape which happens generally. However it has been 2 years and i have been continuing with the same medicine and couldn’t visit the doctor due to social business. I was suggested to care of my health in the winters and never to get a cold since it may infect my ear and damage the hearing completely. I took all precautions in the first and the 2nd year but finally I got a loud cold this winter. Congestion has occupied my head, chest and years. It had been 2 weeks of severe cold and the most common medicines i used to drive away cold didn’t seem to work fine. It’s the 3rd week of loud cold and yesterday morning i could feel i lost some hearing in my left year which was mildly effected in the explosion, but it ultimately returned in an hour or two after i reached my office. While my right year has been secreting smelly fluids, sometimes bloody in color or dirty yellow since the last 2 weeks. This morning after getting up from bed I discovered that the hearing in my left ear has gone down again. I could not make out the directions from where the sounds are coming while I was in the traffic and even when i was in the canteen for my lunch. Hopefully this one turns out to be a congestion and clears in a few days, while I am taking amoxilin and planning for a ear drum surgery of my right year from a good doctor. So guys never neglect your ears. They are as precious as the eyes.

                          • MF ,

                            I often lose my hearing totally and sometimes in both ears. I use headphones on loud volume till my hearing returns so i can still hear the tv. My GP said this was ok mor short term use over a month. Thank god it is not permanent.

                            • Michael ,

                              I lost hearing in my right ear yesterday and I don’t know what happened. I hope it’s just the flu that cause this.

                              • Ameritas Insight ,

                                Hope so too. If you have concerns, we recommend seeing your primary care doctor. Feel better!

                                • Dylan ,

                                  I have had hearing loss almost all the time when im sick, is it just me or am i getting the same type of cold every time. Also my left eardrum pulsates sometimes and it feels like a jolt of pain running through my right ear.

                                  • Lindsey ,

                                    I’ve had cold for a month now and hearing loss in both ears for 3 weeks. I’m getting so tired of hearing my heart beat and hearing myself breathe and chew. How can you make it go away without going to the doctor? I’m cleaning them daily and started using homeopathic drops recently. Please help:-( I’m going crazy

                                    • Ameritas Insight ,

                                      To rule out something more severe like an ear infection, seeing a doctor may be the best option.

                                      • Collin ,

                                        I recently got a cold and I think it is affecting my hearing. It feels like I have a lot of pressure in my left ear and it is making it hard to hear. I tried popping my ears, but it wont pop. What the hell can I do to get rid of this?

                                        • Ameritas Insight ,

                                          There are some home remedies that could help; we’d recommend seeing or talking to your primary care physician for his/her recommendation.

                                          • Patience ,

                                            I’ve a cold and it been 2 weeks now. My left ear is deaf. I can hardly hear a thing. The flu is getting better but my ear is getting worse day by day. My nose gets blocked is I sit down or sleep. This is starting to really freak me out now. Will it go away soon?

                                            • Ameritas Insight ,

                                              We’d suggest seeing your primary care physician to get a medical diagnosis. Hope you start feeling better soon.

                                              • Lynda hamnett ,

                                                Iv just started with a bad cold and now my right ear has like a high pitch morse code ringing in it constantly

                                                • Jufe ,

                                                  I woke with a muffled right ear 3 months ago. The Drs told me its labrynthitus as I have had 4 episodes of being really dizzy and unbalanced. Not been able to open my eyes as everything streaming and it’s so scary. I’ve got tablets to help with dizzy spells but now both my ears are muffled. I feel like my head is in a bucket of water. It’s driving me crazy with the pressure and wierd noises going on inside my ears. There is no wax. How long is it going to take to go away. It’s getting worse and been almost 4 months and Drs can’t do anything – just say it’s fluid and my ear drums bulging still since Dec. What can I do ??? I’m getting depressed and short tempered.

                                                  • Ameritas Insight ,

                                                    So sorry to hear about these health issues. Hopefully your doctor, or a specialist, can find a treatment for you soon.

                                                    • Alyssa ,

                                                      I’ve had a cold for about 2 days and I lost my hearing in my right ear during school. I’m only 13 and I don’t think this is normal. I’m Getting really scared and I don’t know if my hearing will come back. Someone please help

                                                      • Ameritas Insight ,

                                                        Sorry you’re having hearing problems. We definitely recommend seeing your doctor to learn more about why you’ve lost hearing in one of your ears.

                                                        • ADDI ,

                                                          Have had a cold for a few days, tried popping my ears, but i can hear everyone else but it is muffled i have tingling in my right ear, WHATS GOING ON?

                                                          • Ameritas Insight ,

                                                            Ear blockage can sometimes happen when you have a cold. If it persists, or bothers you a lot, we recommend seeing your primary care physician.

                                                            • Marcie ,

                                                              Started as a cold and sinus issues….ear started to hurt. Went to doctor who put me on antibiotic because the inner ear was red with infection.. There was still pain after a week so returned to doctor who prescribed Sudafed. Eventually, the pain went away but the lack of hearing persisted in one ear. Went to an ENT after three weeks and he prescribed Flonase, scheduled me for a hearing test and return to him in two weeks. No pain in ear, but still can’t hear. Want to fly to Oklahoma to see my grandkids, now out of school, and doctor says no. I just want to be normal again. Can the problem be more than just side-effects of a cold?

                                                              • Ameritas Insight ,

                                                                So sorry to hear you’ve been having these issues. Those problems could be due to more than a cold, but your doctor is going to be the best resource for medical issues like that. Hope your ears begin to feel better soon.

                                                                • mark louise ,

                                                                  Can anybody help me !!! P

                                                                  • F.B. ,

                                                                    I ´ve had a coughing problem that has lasted for about 3 weaks (so far). No other symptoms related to cold or flu. That
                                                                    has caused some hearing loss. What causes the cough is some semi dry mucus that sticks to the throat and difficult
                                                                    to exit. I´ve taken anti-allergy pills and syrup without any results. What should I do?

                                                                    • Ameritas Insight ,

                                                                      What can we help you with?

                                                                      • Ameritas Insight ,

                                                                        Sorry you’re experiencing some hearing loss. That can be caused by many things so we recommend, if it’s really bothering you and not seeming to go away, that you visit your primary care physician for a professional diagnosis.

                                                                        • Ed ,

                                                                          Can you offer any other sugestions besides seeing your doctor?

                                                                          • Ameritas Insight ,

                                                                            Apologies. However, I’m not a medical professional. Seeing your doctor would be the best course of action to get an accurate diagnosis for any medical issues or illnesses.

                                                                            • nydien ,

                                                                              I’ve been to a doctor months ago and consult about my hearing loss (not totally) the doctor told me its bciz of my colds and alergy so he advice me to take Amoxiclav and Sinupret for 7days but after that nothing change… I went back for follow up check up.. Again he prescribe me the same medicine for 7 days again.. And I’ve done all the mdcine but now still my hearing is not clear.
                                                                              Can anyone has the same problem with most mine or can anyone advice my how to cure this..I want my hearing to be normal again. Coz all the people around me is telling me that I’m dreaf bcoz when they are talking to me..they should repeat all what there saying so that I can hear.

                                                                              • 夜味クロメ ,

                                                                                I found out that my earing is off by the time i put on my earphones and was about to listen to music… jeez the sounds are like scrambled in my brain…

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