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Cash: The Best Motivator for Employee Wellness Programs?

Are cash incentives the best way to motivate employees to engage in wellness programs? Kaiser Family Foundation reports that 83 percent of large employers offer wellness programs, such as smoking cessation, weight loss and health coaching, with the goal of encouraging employees to reduce health risks. But employers, large and small, often struggle to find … Read Full Article

Employee Wellness Programs

Carrots or Sticks: Which Works Best for Employee Wellness Programs?

Do employees need carrots or sticks to encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyle habits? That’s the quandary many employers tackle when deciding whether to offer incentives and rewards to encourage employees to participate in wellness programs. Intention vs. action Most people like the thought of working out and becoming healthier, but they struggle to make … Read Full Article


3 Ways to Communicate the Value of Employee Benefits

Private sector businesses spend 31 percent of employee compensation budgets on benefits. However, many employees don’t appreciate or understand the value of the benefits plans provided. They believe compensation and benefits cost much less than the actual investment. Interestingly, many employees look at the quality of benefits when considering whether to stay with their current … Read Full Article

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5 Questions to Ask When Reviewing Health Benefits

It’s that time again: open enrollment season for employee benefits. Throughout the country, employees will be asked to sign up for benefits, modify plan coverage options or review new choices. Employees often are overwhelmed by the enrollment process and are uncertain which insurance benefits will provide the best coverage for their needs. Here are five … Read Full Article

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Brokers Remain Relevant: 4 Ways to Stay on Top

Changes in the health care industry have transformed employee benefits and challenged brokers to develop different relationships with employers. To stay relevant, brokers need to adapt to market trends by enhancing their business practices. Consider four strategies:   1. Invest in technology – Employees research and make benefits purchase decisions online. Brokers should be knowledgeable … Read Full Article

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Dental and Vision Benefits Link to Employee Retention

Benefits are more important to employees than overall pay or compensation, according to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management (2015). This makes benefits an excellent retention tool for large and small employers. A Wells Fargo study revealed that 85 percent of benefits managers believe benefits have the most impact on employee loyalty … Read Full Article

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5 Benefits and Perks Employees Value

Employee benefits can influence workers’ decisions when choosing a new job or staying with a current employer. According to 2015 Glassdoor research, 4 in 5 employees would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay raise. The researchers also found that some benefits matter more to employees than others. Here’s a list of five preferred … Read Full Article


Why Benefits Are Popular With Employees

More employees are requesting vision benefits. As employees spend more time using digital devices, many are experiencing problems with eyestrain and fatigue. They also are interested in maintaining good vision health and purchasing prescription eyeglasses or contacts in the latest styles. Consider four reasons why employers should provide vision coverage: 1. Productivity – Vision experts report … Read Full Article


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