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Many people experience hearing loss when inner ear hair cells are damaged as a result of illness, drugs or noise exposure. Fortunately, scientists are researching cures for hearing impairment and have made several interesting discoveries. View full article »

CoupleListening177856917Medical professionals estimate that 50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus. Described as persistent ringing sounds in the ears, tinnitus often impacts people’s ability to concentrate, sleep or just enjoy living. Recently scientists identified new strategies that may provide relief from tinnitus. View full article »

FatherDaughterTalking146967498If you have family members, friends or work colleagues with hearing loss, are you able to communicate effectively with them?

People with hearing loss sometimes find it challenging to carry on a conversation with one person, and participating in a group discussion can be overwhelming. Often they cannot follow comments and end up feeling isolated from the conversation. View full article »

Water sports provide hours of fun and fitness activities for Americans. While many apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses to protect against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, they may not realize that they also need to protect their ears. The Hearing Health Foundation reports that frequent swimming and surfing can create ear problems. View full article »

Brains of Deaf People Cleverly Adapt

hearingScientists are amazed by the power of the brain to adapt, heal and rewire nerve functions to compensate for loss of physical functions. Recently medical researchers identified a new phenomenon: People born deaf process touch differently from individuals born with normal hearing. View full article »

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